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Honda CR-V for India would get the single turbo diesel engine

Arijit Roul / 10 Mar 2018

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Honda CR-V that is sold in international markets comes with a twin turbo 1.6 liter diesel engine. However the version that is being brought to India as a new gen model would have a single turbo engine of 120 hp. This is probably a strategy being adopted to keep costs low for the Indian model.

The diesel variant of the CR-V in its new gen is being brought in by Honda this year. This seven seater car would soon be launched, by FY 2019. The Honda SUV is a much coveted car and it holds quite a lot of potential in the Indian market. The full size SUV, belonging to the same segment as Endeavour and Fortuner, had a faithful following before as well, but the initial models were found overpriced and there was not much demand seen in this segment. Honda CR-V being a global success is being re launched in its new gen model as was showcased at the Auto Expo 2018. The management of Honda India state that they are expecting a greater response this year as Honda CR-V in its diesel variant is being launched.

In order to ensure that the car comes competitively priced, the lower version of the diesel powertrain of the car would be offered in this country. In markets like Thailand the car comes with a 1.6 liter Earth Dreams diesel engine. The former model had two turbochargers, one for higher speed and one for low speed. The single turbo engine of 120 hp will probably be the only diesel engine, powertrain for Honda CR-V that would make the car more affordable.

The torque output is not too dissimilar even in the single turbo version, and hence this would work in favor of Honda and make the bulky SUV still powerful and efficient. The car would come paired with a nine speed automatic transmission, which would make it convenient to drive around in city traffic situations.

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Honda would still have to take into consideration the revised emission norms that are getting stricter and would make diesel models more expensive. Hopefully the car maker would be including these aspects in their pricing strategy and ensure that the car can sustain the changes in the emission norms guidelines which come into effect by 2020. Honda has also the launch of Amaze in its new avatar scheduled this year.

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