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The test mule of Suzuki Vitara SUV spotted

Arijit Roul / 08 Mar 2018

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As India gets a plethora of SUVs to fan the enthusiastic following of this segment in the country, there seems to be another model to be offered soon in this segment. The Suzuki Vitara SUV was spotted being run on tests in the country and that indicates that the company is contemplating bringing this model to the country. This car cannot be confused with Vitara Brezza that is a sub compact SUV that is sold under the Nexa brand of Maruti Suzuki. The Vitara SUV on the other hand is a 4.2 m SUV that is part of the lineup of cars offered in the international market by Suzuki.

Being run as a test mule by Maruti Suzuki raises a lot of interest from onlookers. Though there has not been any indication provided as to the company contemplating launching of this car in the near future, the test runs do indicate the same. The SUV has a 1.6 liter diesel engine under the hood and comes paired with a six speed manual transmission system. Specifications of the car put it in the same segment as Hyundai Creta which is part of the compact SUV space. The Vitara model comes with all wheel drive system in international markets.

That would make the crossover model an attractive choice here as well and lend it off roading abilities. The previous model was sold as the Grand Vitara by Maruti Suzuki in this country as well as the seven seater Vitara XL7. Both models had not met with much success at that time; it was mainly concluded that these cars were positioned at a premier segment that is unlike most of the cars that Maruti Suzuki sells in the country.

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However, the appetite for premier SUVs in the country has expanded considerably now. Also, the launch of Vitara Brezza was met with great success that still continues with buoyant sales figures. Hence, it is possible that Vitara SUV of Suzuki would soon be added to the line-up of cars of Maruti Suzuki in the country. It is not too farfetched that this car may soon be announced for launch. If it is offered in the country, it would contend with the likes of Hyundai Creta, the upcoming H5X of Tata Motors and other compact SUVs in the country such as Jeep Compass. The SUV segment definitely is expanding considerably in the country.

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