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Mahindra Thar based Roxor model revealed

Arijit Roul / 06 Mar 2018

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This is a Thar based off road SUV that surely will excite those who love to view off road adventure cars. The Roxor is being developed at the Mahindra plant that is based in Detroit USA. The car would have knocked down units that would be brought in from India. This car is a unique instance of an indigenous carmaker making a car for the foreign market with components that are built in India.

The Roxor model that Mahindra has revealed is an off road vehicle that is being currently made specific to the USA. The prices have been announced as well, which would be an equivalent of Rs 10 lakhs and priced at $15,549. This off road vehicle would not be a street legal vehicle in the US.

It’s been designed and made by an Indian brand surely excites many. The Roxor has a steel frame body whose design features are similar to Thar. It has been built for off road purposes and hence, it is a bare bone structure. There would be the minimal accessories and features on this car though there would be a Limited Edition variant with more features. The additional equipment that the car would have in the Limited Edition variant includes a soft top, light bar, winch, off road tires, rear and side view mirrors, grab handles and an audio system. There would be a la carte options as well, such as wrap options and choices among 900 color shades.

The Roxor will draw power from the diesel engine that Thar comes with. Hence the power would be from a diesel engine of 2.5 liter M2DICR BSIV make. The torque and power figures of the car would be the same as Thar DI found in India. This specialist vehicle meant for off-roading will have a limited top speed up to 72 kmph with fuel efficiency of 13 to 14 kmpl. Comparisons can be drawn to the Indian Thar model. The Thar DI model has similar wheelbase dimensions as the Mahindra Roxor. The ground clearance is higher for Roxor while both have similar engine power. Both have 5 speed MT transmission system while the drivetrain of Roxor is a 4WD compared to Thar DI which comes with 2WD as well as 4WD models.

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The current Thar model that is in India was launched in 2015 which comes with rugged looks and a redesigned facelift version. This car still retains a distinctive street presence in the country.

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