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AT car options under Rs 5 lakhs

Arijit Roul / 13 Mar 2018

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Automatic cars are becoming more common and it is a feature that does not have to come with a premier car. Here is a list of popular hatchbacks in the country that can help you experience the automated manual transmission system, below a price of Rs 5 lakhs.

There are certain advantages of opting for an automatic car. With traffic situations that everyone faces, automatic transmission makes it easier to drive as it relieves people from having to press on the clutch every time to change gears.

In the entry level segment Tata Nano is a car that comes with a stick form of gear shift. The automatic variants can be opted in the Nano XMA and Nano XTA which are priced around Rs 3 lakh as an average price. The manual variant offers a fuel efficiency of 23.9 kmpl while the AMT provides a fuel efficiency of 21.9 kmpl.

Datsun Redi-Go also has automatic variants to offer which are priced between Rs 3.8 to Rs 3.96 lakhs. The Redi-Go has a 1 liter petrol engine that comes with an automatic transmission. Here the gear shift is done via a rotary dial. For the automatic version one needs to pay Rs 17000 more than what one would pay for the manual versions. The fuel efficiency remains at 22.5 kmpl for AMT and manual versions.

The next entry level hatchback to consider is the Renault Kwid. The automatic transmission system comes with a rotary dial for changing gears. The different variants such as Kwid RXL, RXT and Climber come with AMT variants. The AMT versions offer fuel efficiency, higher than a manual transmission in this car and the AMT variants is priced higher by about Rs 30,000 for every variant.

In the list of AT versions of cars that are priced below Rs 5 lakhs, Maruti Alto K10 does not get left behind. The VXI AGS comes with AMT version with the stick gear shift version. It is priced Rs 34000 higher and maintains same fuel efficiency.

Tata Tiago also joins the list with a stick like gear shift offered in the automatic variants, Tiago AMT XTA and Tiago AMT XZA. These maintain the same fuel efficiency levels and are priced at Rs 37000 more for the AMT versions.

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Maruti WagonR as well as Maruti Celerio also comes with three AMT variants which are priced around Rs 5 lakhs as average. The stick type gear shift comes at Rs 46000 more and with decent fuel efficiency levels.