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Hyundai launches special Women’s Day offers

Arijit Roul / 12 Mar 2018

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Along with Renault, Hyundai India also launched special offers in the event of Women’s Day this month, which remain valid till 31st March 2018. The special benefits have been advertised by Hyundai India on different social media channels with the hash tag Women#Men. The special benefits remain applicable for women customers till the month of 31st March 2018.

The benefits offered by Hyundai India through this month on the occasion of International Women’s Day comprise of special offers such as free pick up and drop off cars for servicing, 10% off on labor charges as applicable. Hence, for women customers of Hyundai, it makes sense to get their cars serviced and checked or repairs and upgrades done at discounted rates this month.

There is more in store for women customers that include DIY sessions. These sessions are designed to educate women on certain functional aspects of vehicle maintenance. These sessions are conducted at the different Hyundai dealership centers as well as across the regional training centers of the company across the country.

The director of sales and marketing, Hyundai India talked about the initiative that also comes with the slogan of undoing gender bias. He stated that the car brand wishes to come forward as a supportive partner who can help women customers be more confident of their vehicles. Not only should they be participative in choosing vehicles for themselves, but be able to look after and maintain their cars in a knowledgeable way as men do. Hence, the benefits come with a larger social initiative of making women empowered by being able to take their own vehicle decisions and being in the driver’s seat in more ways than merely driving it.

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This initiative of Hyundai India certainly makes it more meaningful and touches on a need that exists among women customers across the country. Renault had also launched similar offers through training or awareness campaigns were not part of their Women’s Day offerings.  Renault offered special discounts on bookings, servicing and labor charges for a limited time only. However, these initiatives by carmakers is much appreciated and would help boost confidence among women customers to be able to take their vehicle purchase and selling decisions themselves as well as handling issues of maintenance, scheduling service and so forth. The step taken by Hyundai India is definitely encouraging as it helps women gain more understanding of their vehicles.